On Demand Yoga & Meditation Library

Unlock the power and magic of Breath and Movement Yoga – in your own time and special place

When you embrace Breath and Movement Yoga, you’ll discover a total body transformation

There’s nothing more magical than feeling like your mind, body, and spiritual soul are in tune.

You feel balanced

You feel happy

You feel love

And that’s the power Breath and Movement yoga offers you.

Honestly, life’s not always that easy. Our journeys can venture off the path we had planned, and the negative energies of the world can feel overwhelming

When you practice Breath and Movement Yoga, you’ll genuinely redirect your life.

You’ll start (or continue) on your healing journey of self-discovery, find out what you’re capable of, learn how to banish negative thoughts and speak to yourself with kindness and love.


Breath and Movement Yoga guides you to feel empowered and discover a true love for yourself.

See Emma in action

Instant Access

Self-meditation sessions

On demand so classes are at a time to suit you

Variety of Kundalini practices

Fully online
Easy to follow yoga classes
In your own special place

Everyday meditation & mantras

Enjoy online yoga and meditation sessions anytime

I understand life can be busy, and it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of day to day living. But you deserve to take some time out every day for yourself – you honestly do!

The beauty of on-demand yoga and mediation lessons is that you can watch and participate at a time that suits you. Find your special space, find a peaceful time, hop online and join in a session.

You’ll find the magic of Breath and Movement yoga helps you rebalance the energies in your body

When the negative energies of the world are overwhelming, let the power of yoga help you discover:

  • Tools on how to activate and calm the Breath
  • Free flowing Movement and Kriya Yoga to nourish the body
  • How to step into your Light and shine
  • Grounding techniques to reconnect you with Mother Gaia
  • Self-love and compassion, to be kind to yourself and share this with others
  • Spiritual enlightenment, increasing your inner peace, empathy, creativity and energy levels
  • The joy of letting go of the past relationships (friendships and intimate partners) and calling in aligned soulmates and friendships
  • An internal shift of a whole nervous system reset – overcome stress, anxiety, traumas and addictions

What’s included in your on-demand yoga membership

Breath and Movement Yoga

Transform to your higher self with an on-demand library of yoga classes led by your compassionate and wise teacher, Emma.

Guided Meditations

There are meditations to suit beginners to advanced, ranging from 3 to 22 minutes, each with a powerful purpose to realign your whole self.

Words of Wisdom

As a Yoga teacher for many years, Emma shares her insights and wisdom to help you embrace Breath and Movement and learn the yoga practices.

How Yoga helps you

Breath and Movement yoga is a spiritual practice that focuses on breath and movement, coupled with chanting, meditation and singing.
You’ll find you increase your self-awareness, silence your mind and unblock energies to allow your life force to flow freely.

Breath and Movement Yoga is brilliant for:
• Alleviating stress and anxiety
• Dealing with grief and depression
• Managing weight loss
• Overcoming addiction (to all vices)
• Achieving a deep meditation
• Letting go of the past and find a soulmate

Hi, I’m Emma.

Love is my religion

Yoga helped me experience love at a time in life when I was anxious and unhappy, lacking control and disconnected from my soul. A traumatic accident led me to become sober and completely changed my life, meeting Russell Brand and being introduced to Kundalini Yoga.

Practicing Yoga drastically changed my life. My old fears and behaviours changed, and today, I’m a different human. I now devote my life to teaching and serving humanity.

‘Breath and Movement is truly transformative, and I know that together, we can change the world’.

Our On-demand Yoga Membership includes:

Anytime access guaranteed

As long as your membership is current, you’ll get access to the yoga and meditation videos anytime. This means you can visit the online platform, again and again, any time you’d like to do a yoga class or practice meditation.

Suitable for all levels of yoga awareness

Whether you’re new to your yoga journey or you’ve been travelling this path for a while, you’ll find classes to suit your needs. The practices are explained to help you get the most of each session, refine your yoga practice, or discover a deeper sense of meditation levels.

A wide variety to choose from

The best way to embrace yoga and meditation? Try a few different sessions, see what resonates with you, and embrace the teachings of Emma as you explore the world of the Breath and Movement Yoga.


Be guided by a compassionate teacher

As a convert to the power and magic of yoga many years ago, I now help others to find empowerment and true love for themselves.

Release your negative energy and tensions

Discover how to silence the negative chatter in your mind and unblock your energy so your life force (Prana) can flow freely.

Find self-love & compassion and be open to find a soulmate

Increase your self-awareness (and love) to be kind to yourself and others while releasing past relationships to call in aligned soulmates.

What others say about Emma

I’m feeling such an abundance of prosperity and gratitude at the moment! Everything is really working out with my business, and I feel like I’m living on such a high frequency.

I absolutely love your purity and the healing energy bringing us to our true Divine selves. Your practices introduced me to so much. I have recently started my spiritual awakening. I am very interested in learning more about Kundalini energy and all things spirituality. I have learnt so much from you and gained inspiration. You’re amazing.

Real results
How the power of Yoga transformed Avalon’s life

I started my kundalini journey at the lowest point in my life, completely broken spiritually and mentally. I started working with Daya doing private yoga classes, and I can honestly say that it saved my life. It was a personal healing experience working with such a strong, compassionate and nonjudgmental woman.

Daya’s teaching of kundalini yoga helped me find empowerment and true love for myself. I no longer doubt myself or stress over things I can’t control. I have cleared so many things from my past, and I now embrace my future by living in the present.

Kundalini yoga is such a beautiful practice; I am so grateful I experience it with Daya.

All your Kundalini yoga questions answered

Is it hard to follow?

No. As an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher, I guide you throughout each session, helping you achieve a deeper level of mind, body and spirit transformation.

Will I get instant access to the videos?

Yes. As soon as you’ve enrolled, you’ll be granted access to our online platform and will be sent an email with all your details.

Do I need internet access to view the videos?

Yes. As the videos are hosted on our online platform, you will need internet access to watch your sessions.

Do I need a yoga mat or a special chair?

You don’t need any equipment. A comfy spot on the floor or your favourite chair is wonderful.

What should I wear?

To get the most out of your movements and breathing, it’s best to wear something comfortable that’s not tight around your waist or chest.

Will it make me fall asleep?

If you fall asleep, you must be tired! Although it’s not designed to put you to sleep, you’ll find you may achieve deep meditation levels that will leave you feeling relaxed.

How much does the on-demand yoga membership cost?

A low $11/month

• Unlimited access
• Fully online
• No lock-in contracts – cancel anytime
• Variety of videos with new ones being added monthly