May 5


05:55 pm - 06:40 pm

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Daya Kundi

Join Daya for this Chanting meditation to harness the energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio Eclipse

It’s time to connect again my tribe ….. This is the 2nd of 4 Eclipses. These are high vibrational times to connect to the power of the universe.

The full moon eclipse is taking place just as Jupiter is the parent to smash up against the detox planet Pluto

If you have experienced any trauma from the pandemic this is your opportunity to heal some more of your layers.

During this Kundalini meditation , we will be incorporating the powerful mantra “Ong Namo” into our practice. This mantra is often used in Kundalini yoga to connect with the divine and to help awaken the Kundalini energy.

The mantra “Ong Namo” translates to “I bow to the divine within” or “I bow to the creative power of the universe.” By chanting this mantra, we are acknowledging the presence of the divine within us and around us.

The repetitive chanting of “Ong Namo” has been found to have numerous benefits, including reducing stress, increasing focus and concentration, and promoting a sense of inner peace and connection with the divine.

During our meditation , we will be using the power of “Ong Namo” to enhance our practice and connect with the cosmic energy of the Full Moon and Eclipse. Through the practice of Kundalini yoga and the chanting of “Ong Namo,” we can awaken our Kundalini energy and tap into our full potential.

So come join us for this special meditation , where we will be using the power of “Ong Namo” to unlock our inner potential and connect with the divine within us.